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FREE one day online training with FocusBands purchased up until Dec 9th 2022

Bonus Value $500 

Training Overview 

1. NeuroSelfCare app

2. Quick Start Session 

3.  Selecting Neurofeedback options 

4. How to use it in real-time

5. Customising the sessions

6. Understanding the reports 

7. Assistance and Support 

8.  Ongoing development

The FocusBand is a wearable EEG Neurofeedback device originally designed & developed for elite athletes.  Now a strong component of Neuroplasticity programs, Workplace Wellness & Performance, Sleep Research Studies and Personal Wellness.  


Use our proprietary performance and plasticity algorithms (integrated into our mobile platform) to provide insights and objective measurements to guide your interventions.  

Come learn about the best in-motion and real-time wearable EEG device with university published research to back it up. 

/ What is FocusBand?

/ How does it work

Perception, thought and stimulus activate the neurons in the brain to communicated via rapid Electrical impulses to evoke emotion, sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous system response behaviour and so on. 

EEG electrodes detect and measure the rate of these rapid electrical impulses that result from the activity of your brain cells.  This data is then converted into the various suite of reports in FocusBand and NeuroSelfCare.  

/ How it's used 


/ Summary

  • Improve signal to noise ratio 

  • Designed our own FFT 

  • Novel Data reduction methods 

  • Separate frequency and amplitude characteristics 

  • Audible, visual and haptic feedback 

  • Intervention interfaces via API 

  • Machine Learning Index 

  • Easy to use, quick to setup and learn 


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