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Getting Started

Thank you for purchasing the FocusBand.  The getting started page is designed to help you get the most out of your FocusBand and mobile device apps in whatever task or activity you would like to use it in. 


Whats in the box

FocusBand Box includes: 

  • FocusBand Headband + Electronic Pod 

  • Micro USB charging cable 

  • Travel case

  • Getting started card (that is how you got to this page!)


Downloading the app

Search the App Store or google play store and download the focusBand apps 


Turn on Bluetooth

In your mobile device settings turn on the bluetooth option


Load the app

Press the app icon on your mobile device to load the app

Turn on the headset power 


Pairing with Mobile Device

Visual and audible indicators that the headset has paired with the mobile device 


Fitting the headset

Orientation and positioning of the headset



FocusBand Headset Status Panel in app 

Power LED status (green and red status) 

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